Luc Vincent


Born in 1952, in Belgium, Luc Vincent studied and was graduated in design at La Cambre.

For several years he was partner of Jean Nouvel Design in Paris. He has been active as product designer and art director for companies such as Bulo, Modular, Vooruitzicht, Obumex, Souleiado, Serax (Collection Pantone Universe), and also Art Director for the Jules Wabbes collection Editions 2010.

Philosophy behind 'Cuir Cuir'
A leather for the seat, a leather for the back ... CUIR-CUIR ! Touching leather, sitting on leather is about the sensuality of skin and when a prestigious tannery offers us leather scrabs to use, we can not resist to offer you leather on a random basis, on our school chairs frame. The ranges of leather line up as an adagio notes. All different, these chairs are the alternative against tradition.